Complementary Therapies

Dana combines BodyTalk, Reiki, and Access Bars to address health concerns of each client.  Each therapy complements one another and offers insight into physical, mental, and emotional blocks that cause stress and dis-ease. 
Many clients experience deep relaxation and feel lighter and happier after each session as well as motivation to make changes to achieve better health.



This therapy uses various hand positions on or above the body delivering gentle healing therapy to areas of the body in need.  Many people feel warmth or tingling sensation, slight muscle contraction, and release of the breath allowing expansion in the body and ultimately relaxation.  Some clients experience emotional release and at the end feel happier and more at ease.



This particular service is beneficial to everyone, no matter their age or experience level. BodyTalk is at the heart of all sessions and combines western medicine concepts, Chinese medicine, Accupressure points, quantum physics, and psychological principles to address health concerns.  Methods of Kinesiology and tapping techniques help release areas of stress and imbalance in the body easily and quickly.  Many clients express less pain, better posture, and clearer thinking after a session.

Reiki Treatment

Access Bars

Access Bars utilizes 32 pressure points on the skull that brings a sense of calm to the mind, stopping the perceived chaos and worry that can create health issues on many levels.  Gentle pressure is applied along with deep breathing that allows relaxation and release of tension.  When the brain is calm, the body is calm.


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