2021 - A Year of Transformation

What a year it has been!!! It has been an interesting ride - so many triggering events that has forced me to change a lot of things in my life - decisions made to allow more room to grow.

I was reading through my journal from 2020 that really reflected the rollercoaster effect mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It made me realize again how the seeds we plant, grow in such unexpected ways that sometimes we don't see it until we look back in retrospection.

Through everything that 2020 threw at me the biggest AHA was that I was tired...tired of trying to live up to 'other's expectations', trying to be someone I'm not, trying to fit into a mold that just makes me angry. So thank you 2020 for making me so pissed off that I have to change things right now. Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes....

I want to thank all those people who stepped into my life at just the right time, pushed me out of my comfort zone, listened when I was yelling for no reason, were my mirror to show me when my behaviour was ridiculous, and supported me in all my new endeavours.

2021 is going to be fricken fantastic because that is what I choose to make it. I choose to make even more changes to live the happiest life I can. I choose to create things to share with others and hopefully bring them happiness and growth as well. New classes, incorporating sound healing into my current sessions, opening myself up to new experiences and opportunities as much as possible. I can't wait !!!

What's your AHA moments of 2020.....

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