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Welcome to Stepping Stones Health and Wellness, a private one stop health care clinic.

Dana Clay is a private Nurse Practitioner, here to guide you along your path to best health by combining 18 years of health care experience with complementary therapies to bring a holistic approach to your care. 

Dana offers private primary health care services, Low Level Laser therapy for acute and chronic pain conditions,  Holistic Nurse Coaching, as well as BodyTalk and Reiki therapies.

**Disclaimer** Services are NOT covered by Saskatchewan Health.  Please contact your insurance provider prior to booking appointments.**



I have been a registered nurse for the past 18 years, 3 of those years as a Nurse Practitioner in rural Saskatchewan.  My husband and I live in the country and enjoy farming, the connection to the land, and grateful for having close family and friends.  

I have always been drawn to anything health related, starting my education with a Biology degree, then transitioned into Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan.  However, I felt there was always something missing that didn't explain the deeper WHY of health and illness.  

I struggled with my own health issues: anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, and skin issues.  It all came down to the same answer: STRESS!!!  I had to find some way to deal with how I coped with stress.

I went through the usual channels of our health care system and followed the suggestions given to me, but nothing that truly FIT for me.  

I was drawn to alternative/complementary forms of healing: acupuncture, naturopathy, yoga, breathwork, and reflexology.  All were very helpful but again, nothing seemed to truly fit.  Then I found Reiki.  Reiki taught me how to recognize how my body hangs onto my emotions, my reactions to my environment, my thought patterns, and breathing patterns when I am in a stress induced state and how to use healing energy through hand placement to move through it. But I didn't stop there.  I was then introduced to BodyTalk by a fellow nurse, and was intrigued.  BodyTalk had all the components I was interested in, Western medicine, Eastern medicine, psychology, kinesiology, quantum was what FIT for me.  I had three sessions with a certified BodyTalk practitioner and most of my physical symptoms were gone....the REASON, was because my nervous system was reset in a way that calmed everything down, so my circulatory and immune system could work properly, allowing inflammation to subside and all other body systems to communicate and function to the best level possible for me.  

BUT, the journey did not end there.  I split my time between working as an RN in acute care and having a complementary therapy business on the side, the whole time wondering how I could combine it all together, to help people on so many levels at one time, in one place.

NEXT, I received my Masters in Nursing specializing in primary health care gaining lots of experience in rural Saskatchewan.  Again, still feeling something was missing, I pursued Holistic Nurse and Nurse Coaching through CIINDE, to add a deeper integrative way for getting to the root of our issues.  

Now I feel I have the experience, skills, and tools, to help guide others toward achieving their best health in a truly holistic way.  

I am excited to begin a new journey by joining the team at Prairie Sky Integrative Health and am looking forward to serving you in any way I can.


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Private Nurse Practitioner services

Health and Wellness

 Primary health care - health care the way YOU need it.  I offer traditional medicine and holistic methods to provide a unique approach to your care.  This means we address the physical issues but also look at how the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects influences your health.  This includes looking at your relationships, environment, and family dynamics and how they create an impact on you as a whole.  If this is what you are looking for then I would love to work with you. 

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Use life's challenges as stepping stones to find your higher purpose.
- Dana