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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to your health by exploring influences affecting the WHOLE person and drilling down to find the ROOT cause of health conditions.  

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we will spend 120 minutes reviewing your health history, previous labs, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental influences that contribute to your current health concerns.

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Lifestyle counseling

Holistic Nutrition

Dana is now certified in Holistic Nutrition through Pacific Rim College.  Nutrition is the key component to improving health and is looked upon as medicine.  Dana does not believe in restrictive diets, but rather looks at food combinations to support and heal your body.  Dana will assess your current constitution and bring Eastern and Western  concepts and approaches to create a tailor-made food prescription for your health issues.


As a client, you may choose a nutrition consultation to enhance your current lifestyle or as part of the Functional Medicine consultation.  The choice is yours.

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